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Placer Ranch land use map

Placer Ranch is a distinctive master planned community uniquely positioned in South Placer County’s Sunset Area.  Containing a major employment center, town center, university, expansive parks, and natural open space, the community will have significant internal connectivity to new large-scale job clusters, shopping and dining hubs, and diverse residential neighborhoods via an extensive bikeway network.  Placer Ranch will provide high-quality services and amenities to support the future population that a new employment center and university bring to South Placer.

On approximately 2,213 acres, Placer Ranch provides a balanced land use mix that will be a catalyst for the development of the entire Sunset Area.  The Specific Plan’s Campus Park Employment Center, which covers approximately 335 acres, will create an employment core that allows a diverse mix of job clusters.  Placer Ranch also establishes a 300+/- acre site for the California State University system for development of a Sacramento State off-campus center in Placer County along with an extension of Sierra College.   Additionally, Placer Ranch’s 200-acre Town Center will be composed of retail establishments, office spaces, and apartment/loft-style homes in proximity to daytime workforce and the university’s students and faculty.

At buildout, Placer Ranch is planned to accommodate 5,636 residential units.  These residential uses will support an array of housing types, including single-family detached and multifamily attached units, along with exclusive areas for age-restricted neighborhoods as well as housing in a mixed-use environment within the Town Center.

Taylor Builders, with funding from JEN Partners, acquired Placer Ranch in August 2021.  The first phase of development will consist of seven neighborhoods, with single-family detached lots ranging in size from 4,500 square feet to 9,500 square feet.  Development of the first phase is scheduled to for completion in late 2023.

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